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Whiskers wrote:

Beauregard T. Shagnasty wrote:
Sidney Lambe wrote:
The Usenet Newbie Project

I stopped reading after just a couple of paragraphs. The
medium-light blue text on medium-dark blue background drove me nuts.
Nearly unreadable...

Which browser? Doesn't look too bad here using Opera. Works OK in
Lynx, too.

I was using Firefox 3, but it doesn't matter. The colors don't change
from one graphical browser to the next. Looks same to me in Opera --
very low color contrast between content and background. I don't have
Lynx on this Ubuntu box.

Are you sure? Perhaps you have Links instead, but I thought Lynx was one
of those things you can be pretty sure to find on any *nix system with
user access. You probably won't find it on a GUI menu; it's a console
program, which runs from the command line in text mode. No X server
required. If Lynx doesn't have a functional config file somewhere, it
might require a URL as an 'option' before it will run - eg


Here is what I see:

Apart from being very small, that is what I see when I look at that image
on my computer. Perhaps there is a difference in the way our monitors
display colours and brightness and contrast? (Aging CRTs can get very dim
- and I know from experience that dust and tobacco smoke can make anything
turn dim and brown).

Not everyone has 20-year-old eyes... :-/

I certainly don't (nearer to 60 than 50, and never as good as 'average').

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