Re: Abuse of follow-up (was: Dialog, was Cross posting)

Daniel James wrote:
Mike Easter

-3- it is misguided to think that everyone who replies to your
question should have their replies crossposted into the same groups
that you chose for your own special reasons.

You should research your question sufficiently and research your
groups of interest sufficiently that you can post your question
into one group, and that's where all of the fups are going to be
as well.

That's the ideal, certainly. We should all aspire to it, but in
reality few of us can attain it all the time.

The most common variety of initial crossposting which is not in a group
of 'crossposting culture' where /most/ posts are routinely crossposted
is by someone who doesn't have a clue about what s/he is doing or
anything about the groups crossposted.

The most common variety of reply crossposting is done by those who
didn't notice the crossposts of the OP or by those who noticed but feel
'compelled' to continue the crossposting once it has been begun.

I don't support any of those; the crossposting culture, the clueless OP
crossposter, the negligent replier, or the observant replier being
obedient to the original clueless crossposter.

Mike Easter