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Have you tried Pan on a Windows box?

Yes, I've tried Pan, I use Xnews, I think Pan is a VERY poor newsreader
by comparison, but then so is everything else.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with Xnews being a 10, I consider OE about a -500
and everything else as bad or even worse. I've tried darn near
everything that's come along over the years but I really doubt I'll ever
change but I do keep on investigating.

I do like the older version of Pan but this one is fun to play with for a
time. I'm wondering what Pan will be if it get to version 1.0. In the
meantime Xnews sets the standard for windows boxes.

I've stuck with the same woman for many years, too. I've looked at
others but I can't find one with the same qualities* or who I'd like as
well so I don't see any reason to change.

*Such as: she puts up with me. ;-)

I can't around the first hurdle, finding one that would put up with me. I
really think she has a problem that hasn't been diagnosed yet. :)


We can transplant a heart but can do nothing to cure stupid.

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