Re: [slrn] scoring whole threads

On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 15:10:25 -0000, Chris Game <chrisgame@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On 2007-04-23, Peter J Ross <pjr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The troll is wrongly suggesting that Slrn can't do some things it can
do and should do some things that aren't part of a newsreader's work.

Ah, personal abuse - the sure sign of a lost argument.

Having myself won five awards for Usenet trolling, I don't regard the
word as a term of abuse. In fact, I think you're doing rather well.

I could also
add the inability of slrn to display a news-type link (how can I
click on one of the references posts?),

Count back in the References header and press <ESC> + p the
appropriate number of times.

it's inability to spell
check inline (and to avoid checking imported text).

Slrn deliberately does not include an editor, so why should it include
a spell-checker?

You can use anything from ed to Writer as your editor;
in the Windows version you can probably use MS Word and enjoy the
wisdom of Clippy while you're composing a diatribe absinst your news
cleint of choice. Some of us see this flexibility as an advantage.

To tell people that they need leafnode for caching local

Actually, you could use Slrnpull. I was forgetting that it's
distributed as part of the Slrn source, since I'm used to the Debian
packages which compile it separately.

So Slrn does in fact include a tool for caching articles, if you want
to use it.

they need nano (whatever) for editing and Aspell
for spell checking and some mail client for looking at saved posts
is just telling them that they need a set of interlinked Linux
programs to do a simple job like read news.

The only time I've needed a separate program to read news is when I've
been curious about some HTML post and called metamail.

To compose news articles, I use the software I use for writing with.
Similarly with other tools. Why should I need two different ways of
doing the same thing if I've already found a way I like?

Then they claim Windows
programs are bloated!

pjr@lenny:~$ ls -l /usr/bin/slrn
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 413944 2007-01-26 21:10 /usr/bin/slrn

About 400 KB. What's the size of Forté Agent nowadays?

If I've got my mail program to look at saved
posts, how do I import a postponed post back into slrn then?

<ESC> + P will give you access to your postponed posts. Postponed !=

Yeah, you know all that, and IHBT.
PJR :-)

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