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On Sat, 07 Apr 2007 21:52:57 +0100, Brad Rogers
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On Sat, 07 Apr 2007 17:08:36 +0000, Peter J Ross wrote:

You could, of course, compile your own.
I could, but it's not something I'd recommnd to Ubuntu's target users,
and even Debian users tend to prefer the convenience of apt-get.

I think, these days, quite a few people prefer repositories over "roll
your own". For the most part, I use Debian's repositories, myself. For a
few packages though, I do compile from source.

I compile packages from source when I want to submit bug reports.
(E.g. recently, wesnoth and leafnode2. Not that I found any bugs in

Somebody (e.g. me) should have thought of this problem and asked for
the old Pan to be retained in the Debian repositories as an
Quite possibly. Although that would probably cause as many problems as
it solves.
Probably no more so than the simultaneous availability of different
versions of Lynx and Trn, to name but two.

Any user would have to be need fair warning that the package is not a
direct replacement/upgrade.

Sure. But if you're offered "pan: a newsreader" and "pan2: an
experimental rewrite of pan in C++", it ought to be clear enough.

When I was getting Pan from Debian, there was
no such warning. Hardly the packager's fault I know. Thankfully, I was
aware of the issue, and stopped getting Pan that way.

So you agree with me that it was a bad idea to replace stable software
with experimental software instead of creating a new package for the
experimental version?

PJR :-)

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