Re: [SLRN] Is the SLRN Project Now Dead?

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It appears to be at least partly fixed in the latest Debian package,, which includes some patches from Slrn CVS. We may yet
live to see Slrn 1.0!

Do you know if Debian has built it against S-Lang 2?

Yes, it has. That's the reason why Debian/Ubuntu users have had

But tonight I've been glancing at various newsgroups where posters use
Hebrew, Japanese and Cyrillic, and the letters appear correctly. And
your iso-latin charset appears correctly too.

But you have to use the fallback_charset variable or you'll have a
real mess in groups where people post broken MIME posts.

So currently I think this is a treat for Debian users only, since
fallback_charset exists only in Debian.

But let's face it, some of you Ubuntu people have been using Ubuntu
for long enough to be ready to start using *real* Debian. If I can
work out how to use real Debian, you can.

FWIW, the changes since 0.9.8 are in CVS' changelog,

Yes, our beloved newsreader is not dead.

PJR :-)