Re: Newsreader for Win2K. I have tried Forte-Agent, slrn and 40tude-Dialog

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Maybe it's not a plural. "vir-ii", a sequel to "vir".
(whatever the hell "vir" was...I missed the DVD)

'Vir' is Latin for 'man' in the sense of 'strong masculine male person'.
As far as I can discover, there is no 'ii' suffix that has meaning when
applied to the root 'vir' in Latin. The plural of 'vir' is 'vires'.

"Viruses" is written by everybody except a few dufii.

"Viruses" is written by virologists (the biology people who specialize
in such) so I would suggest that if computer people are going to adopt
an analogy then they should follow it through.

'Virus' is Latin for 'green slime' or 'snake venom' or 'foul smell or
taste'. It has no Latin plural.

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