Re: Xnews - "Cannot open clipboard."

Ok so now that the testosterone has had some time to calm down here...

Nutshell: I'm having the same "Cannot Open Clipboard" issue on my WIn
2k3 Server (all latest Service packs and hotfixes) and I do not have
any special 3rd party software on it - in fact it's a Domain Controller
for my network at home...

So Office is ruled out...
3rd party apps - gone.. (aside from Xnews)
And to throw EVERYTHING into a loop, I use Xnews via Remote Desktop so
I'm not even in front of the server here...

What's odd is I wonder if how the pic was posted encoding wise had
anything to do with it as it typically only happens with JPG pics and I
can find groups it works fine with and others you can't even view one
pic of. Even add to it that I can fix the problem as it typically
stops trying to DL that message at a few % - and if you click Stop -
you can move onto the next pic. No needing to reboot... It gets bad
enough that I've wanted to look for another NNTP alternative but none
seem to offer that double click the post to decode and view the pic
internally to the news reader yet...