Xnews - "Cannot open clipboard."

Occasionally, when I click on an article containing an image
attachment the photo does not get displayed but instead an Xnews
error message window pops up that reads "Cannot open clipboard."

I can only get rid of the problem by rebooting the computer. Killing
Xnews and restarting does not solve it. Once I reboot, it may not
happen again for several days. Before this began occurring a couple
weeks ago, I had been using Xnews for several months without any

I see that there was another thread started on Feb 11 regarding this
problem but there was no resolution listed.

I'm using Xnews v2005.10.18. My OS is XP Pro, version 5.1.2600 SP 2
Build 2600 on a HP xw6200 workstation with 5 GB RAM, dual 3.6 Xeon's
and lots of available disk storage.