Re: OE shortcomings - was Re: Aioe problems is appreciated.

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>> But you knew nothing about the cross-posting to alt.test so you have no
>> chance to go there and see what is going on behind your back but in
>> public.
> This is probably true.
>> Not nice at all. Alt.test is pretty harmless, but some groups are
>> not. Can you see why OE is so despised by some people?
> Yes, but unless I can find someone where I live to set up one of these
> complicated NRs and *SHOW* me how they work I have no choice. Everyone I
> know is either using AOL or OE. I tried Hamster and couldn't make heads or
> tails of it. The other two I couldn't get to work except to post one
> message, then couldn't find that window again. I could only connect to one
> NR, Shared-Secrets. None of the others would connect. Hundreds of unwanted
> old headers downloaded...... Then I was stuck in window I had no way to
> back out of, except to close the NR. It would reopen to the same "dead-end"
> window. I then delete the program in total frustration.


Actually, OE is one of the most complicated and clumsy newsreaders.
Others are a lot /easier/ to use - but they are /different/ from OE, and
that is what seems to be confusing you. It takes time and effort to learn
anything new; you didn't instantly know how to do anything with OE did you?
The fact that you are finding it so difficult to do quite basic things
with OE should tell you that it isn't an easy-to-use program.

If you let other people set things up for you then you will never feel
really comfortable using those things. You will be trying to understand
not only the program itsef, but also the way whoever set it up for you
thinks it should be done - that makes it twice is difficult in the long

Hamster is not a newsreader, its a sort of news-server. You won't get far
with it until you are more familiar with the way newsgroups actually work.

What newsreader programs have you tried? It's quite likely that someone
here could take you step-by-step through solving whatever problems you
might be having with them, if you are prepared to make the effort and to
take things gradually :))

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