Re: Privacy issue - how to spoof/hide IP when accessing email / usenet servers ?

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005 16:39:45 -0700, spamharvestor wrote:

> Thank you, and thanks all, for your input.
> The suggestions that are listed are well thought of, but they touch on
> the surfing issue, that is, if you are on the web site of the Internet.
> However, if you are on the usenet/nntp/smtp/pop/imap site of the Net,
> there is no way to utilize any of the "proxy server" at all, because
> the connection is a direct connection : [user] -----> [mail/usenet
> server]

Sounds simple... not that I'd bet my life on it without better knowledge
than I now have...

key 1: use encrypted comms with a remote site, use that site to originate
the mail.

key 2: agree on a common dictionary, numeric entries, and encode the word
indicies in the lsb of a graphics image. To the observer (ChiCom Gov't
goon) it's two admirers of Orchids exchanging photos and travel-logs and
green-thumb tips. Each photo lsb of each byte is a bit of a word index.
Filter the indicies, turn them into numbers, and look the words up in the