Re: Google Groups filtering emails?

»Q« wrote:
> "Alfred Z. Newmane" <a.newmane.remove@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
> <news:3k1sgoFs0o95U1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Thank for your help.
> No prob. I'm glad you're willing to work around it rather than just
> start new threads.
>> For the record, it's not a problem with OE
>> (not a bug), it was my news server that was rejecting it.
> It is a bug with OE. If your server accepted it, it still wouldn't
> propagate to other servers; the server is doing you a favor by
> rejecting it and telling you why. I can't remember whether limiting
> length to 1000 characters is a 'must' or a 'should' in the RFC, but
> either way OE is doing the wrong thing.

But what is OE doing wrong? I still don't get how, if the error is
coming from my server, that the problem is OE. And FWIW, I've replied to
threads deeper than this one without problem, when I had a previous
server, a little over a year ago, which is also why I'm thinking its an
issue with my server.

If it is OE, can someone please explain what exactly the problem is?