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Just checking:

There's no longer any usenet discussions regarding writing, correct?
Just the periodic trolls, flames, spam and loyal enmities. In reviewing
the last 3 years, that seems to be the sum of it all.

Is there anything but facebook as an alternative?  I really can't get
with facebook.  I was hoping there'd be something a little less
twitter-brained.  Certainly facebook could work, but I've not seen
anything but clipped simplistic interaction.  Dialogue via 3x5. And
actually 3x5 is generous.  Maybe 2x2.

I periodically google about looking for community, either via the net
or real-world writing groups, but find nothing but dead ends.

Any aid appreciated.

Check out my Hollywood Writer's Group on Yahoo.

Thanks for the tip you gave the person there cuz it's interesting.
Hollywood...if you're the some handle, I remember back ten years. The
skipper I knew was a hoot--real funny bloke and kind of kind hearted.
Your wife had something published and they dumped on you. But I was
listening to the radio the other day--and, someone was saying don't
stress about other people so much. Yaknow, usenet, google groups and
other places: it's taken so seriously by some. And I make mistakes
myself, get cheesed and such; or see a cheap shot I can't resist. My
new year's resolution is to quit stressing and get on with it. "I hate
people when they're not polite," as the song goes. My problem is I
can't shut up. That's the second one. In the RW before it became
the ..RW...I'm a conversationalist. It is all I am and nothing more.
It's me in a nutshell. Oh, and I have to quit talking about myself. :)

Good resolution, Justin. I'm of the same mind these days. Usenet used
to be flame wars that sucked people in, but it's just not worth it. Not
even about politics - I'm into good people getting ahead. Period.