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On Feb 2, 11:15 am, boots <n...@xxxxx> wrote:
"$Zero" <zeroi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Feb 2, 10:08 am, boots <n...@xxxxx> wrote:
"$Zero" <zeroi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

you were presented with a highly intelligent
and amazingly relevant challenge

You might be more credible if your arm wasn't broken
from patting yourself on the back, $Zero.

if i were looking for any credibility whatsoever
would i be posting using the nym $Zero?

That depends.  Maybe.

well, i think it's pretty much self-mocking, myself.


actually, now that i give it further thought, i suppose that mocking
myself does add a bit of credibility to myself...

in a self-deprecating kind of entrepreneurial way.

must be some sort of creative genius thinger.

by using "highly intelligent" and "amazingly relevant" i was merely
accurately characterizing precisely what Sir Alan was faced with.

i don't mind doing that at all, no matter how much it discredits moi.

You like the way "moi" sounds don't you.


i took French in high school.

though i think my usage probably comes from the Muppets in some way.

the arrogant aspect, in all due humility.


yeah, see?

the way it rolls off the tongue is much more stylisticly pleasing than
the word "me" or "myself".

i'm here for the fun.


perhaps you missed the subject title of this thread?

see also:

showing yourself to be doing nothing more than being
a completely gullible sap,

translation: "I'm a geenyus and you is dumb."

for the sake of accuracy, please substitute "creative genius" and
"gullible rationalist" respectively.

Alan will appreciate that.

(as will Jackson, Sylvia, etc.)

Towse, Ashby, like that.

sticklers, etc.

Think people are gonna be convinced by that kind argument, really?

part of the fun of it all is being just as arrogant and self-
congratulatory as those who regularly mock the non-atheists.

you wouldn't want to take away my fun, now, would you?

Heavens, no.  Well, actually, what else do you have that might be more
profitable in the cosmic scheme of things than this "fun" of which you

don't task me like that.

it's not much fun.



human nature innit.

the mind-expanding, spiritually challenging, addictive nature of the

Whenever two or more people gather in
the spirit of love, it's a bickerfest!

in development as we speak, so to speak.

No?  Whatever.

It isn't necessary to be "a creative genius" to have
a bit of intellectual capacity and honesty, y'know.  

true, but it doesn't hurt to be one anyway.

just for kicks.

It's only the rubes what is impressed by
someone's bein' a geenyus,

well, i'll certainly keep that in mind if i ever find myself looking
to impress anyone.

as it is, doing so takes way too much ass-kissing for my tastes.

which in turn lessens the degree of fun involved.

are it them whose you wanna
be talkin' to in th'first place?

i just enjoy making fun of the pompously deluded.

don't you?

Not really,

and yet you're so good at it.

what a bummer for you.

outright ridicule doesn't hold much appeal.

depends on who's receiving it.

Of course
holding a mirror in front of a deluded nose is... well,
beneficial perhaps, and it pleases the inner clown.

well, yeah.

goes without saying.

 They ain't listening regardless,
they're just looking for an excuse to
pat their own backs about being
justified by the accepted view.

a virtual cash cow for the taking.

Money, money, money. What good is money?

send all your cash to moi.

i thought we'd already been thru this before?

 It's no more than a bus
that takes you to what you need.

don't exaggerate.

Why not just have it delivered instead?
Direct to your bolt-bin, so to speek.

you've got your two bolts in a snowstorm.

so send me all your cash, dude.

will that be Master Card, Visa, or Amex?


hence your binary Cognitive Dissonancy.

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