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Alan Hope <usenet.identity@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

boots goes:

Alan Hope <usenet.identity@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
boots goes:
Alan Hope <usenet.identity@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
boots goes:

I do not *assume* that gravity exists. I know from experience that
objects dropped tend to fall. If they stop falling I will reevaluate
the existence of the property I call "gravity" at the point. Until
then I have certain knowledge that all the heavier-than-air objects
lacking propulsive mechanisms that I have dropped have fallen. I may
assume that what I have observed has the name "gravity" but that's as
far as the assuming goes.

You ought not to be let loose with my language, you barbarian.

"to" is superfluous, "you ought not be" is sufficient.


So, do you think "you ought be let loose"?

Without "not" the "to" is necessary.

Oh really. Got a cite for that claim?

I don't need a cite for a claim, I need only make the claim.
I don't need a cite for a usage, I need only write the usage.

You, however, need a cite to refute my claim.

just write it

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