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anyway, i was flat broke, working my ass off on a VERY innovative
business that was sadly way ahead of its time (and thus difficult to
calm the chickenshit investors about -- thus they cut off their noses
to spite their faces and lost all of their investment -- not giving a
damn about stranding me in poverty -- being so well cushed up and
comfy themselves -- surely they're today probably wishing they had a
bit more patience and wisdom and foresight).

Yes. MicroHard was just a concept before its time, Xero.

yeah, like you know the first thing about developing cutting-edge

Why not describe this innovative business of yours, Xero?

well, for one thing, despite advances in technology which would now
make it even MORE efficient and profitable than the test marketing
already proved it to be, it's _still_ quite a bit ahead of its time --
due to the creative genius way i designed and developed it.

Describe this business that was innovative and ahead of its time,
Xero. Your claim. Your turn.

we specialized in helping people better their lives.

trade secrets innit.

Nonsense. By now it's got to be way behind the times.


not that i've seen.

not even close.

Even so, you're not trading in that business.

Ray, i've told you many times that i wouldn't accept any investment
money from a war-mongering idiot like yourself.

so what makes you think i'd ever even remotely consider donating any
of my creative genius trade secrets to you?

i'm not in the Ray Haddad Enablers Club, remember?

real ones, not Master Circus Troll wetdream trade secrets.

What was the nature of this innovative business, Xero?

sense of humor lessons.

which both you and all of your miserable uncreative timewasting ilk
could surely benefit greatly from.

What was the nature of your innovative, ahead of its time business?

mostly wasting time coddling the egos and fears of impatient crybaby

Not much of a businessman if you can't even describe what your
business was supposed to be.

it was problem-solving for hire, swift-boy.


Must not have been very innovative either.

it was and still is.

unlike you.

Still can't or won't describe your business. Oh, well. Another Xero
waste of time. Move along. Nothing to see here.

what more would you like to know, our fricken' prices?

we charged a flat hourly rate or one could buy our problem-solving
abilities in bulk.

you describe your goal (or confusion), we'd help you resolve it.


utter simplicity.

Except for the part about needing investors.


Looks like there'd be nearly no startup costs

"looks like"

trade secrets, duh.

but sure, theoretically i could hire always myself out as an
individual consultant, except for the reasons that i cannot.


and certainly no need for the government to shut you down.
Didn't you claim that to be the case?


not in reference to that original business (which i started more than
a decade ago -- the one where i had investors).

OTOH, the government DID shut me down a few years ago when i applied
my creative genius consulting abilities to a third (or was it the
fourth or fitfth or whatever) project that i had started long AFTER
the first one failed due to the crybaby impatient investors pulling

You had no investors or investors who backed out

do try to keep up, twist-boy.

and the government pounded in the final nail?

only clearly did that happen in regards to my most recently funded
project, which was progressing along VERY nicely until the government
shut it down temporarily (for a bureaucratic technicality that they
openly ignored for over a year) -- thus demoralizing my latest
unsophisticated investor into giving up totally and choosing
bankruptsy instead of success.

success would have only cost another $100 or so dollars a month in
loan payments -- but the demoralized investor chose instead to lose
ther entire $40,000+ that was already invested.

this amazingly stupid decision on the investor's part ending up
costing much more than $100 per month in the form of bankruptsy

brilliant, huh?

such is my life.

it's a "comedy" of (other people's) errors.


things idiots like moi notice -- M, E, W, 3