Re: ThoughtCafe - the famous creative writing website - has relaunched!

On Jun 16, 4:13?pm, "jonathan.beckett" <jonathan.beck...@xxxxxxxxx>
ThoughtCafe is back! After a break from the internet for several
years, the creative writing website has re-launched, and is ready to
start re-building the once famous community of writers, poets,
novelists, and essayists.

The URL is

If you have never heard of ThoughtCafe, it is a community website for
writers of all descriptions to post their work and receive feedback.
In return it is hoped they will cast their eye over other people's
work and give their thoughts.

If you like to read or write short stories, poetry, essays, songs or
any other form of creative writing, ThoughtCafe provides you with the
chance to canvas the opinion of like minded people who are also trying
to improve, and seeking feedback.

If you have been published, or are looking to get published,
ThoughtCafe provides forums to discuss your hopes and experiences.

Head on over to ThoughtCafe today - be there at the start of something

Thanx for the tip. I went there. I liked what I saw. I sighed up.
I posted.
veni, vidi, vici!