The (Official) Rules (was: Re: Writing of Value)

Mr. boots wrote:

"Stan (the Man)" wrote:
Kurt Ullman wrote
Sylvia wrote:
Mr. Ullman wrote:
There are times I shock even myself...
<eye roll>

'K, I'll go over it *one* more time.

First ya UNPLUG the lamp, *then* ya rewire it.

(gawd! Everyone wants to be a Tool Peep.)
Oh, okay. No explain that i, e, and c stuff will you? I can never
remember that either. (or is it iether.)
It's I before E, except after C, except in Montana, which has 29.

That's just weird innit.

It sure is odd--he must be distracted by fish huntin' or sumpthin'.

Yo! Mr. Stan (the Navy Man)! That oughta be "28", not "29", 'cause 2007
ain't divisible by four, 'K? (Except in Rhode Island, of course, but
then what isn't?)

Sylvia <--- The One, the Only, (Real) Tool Girl!

"It's Spring, when a (Real) Tool Girl's fancy
turns to Dewalt power tools."