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Vocabulary, grammar, spelling, clarity, and brevity: mastery of these
basics is necessary but not sufficient.
eyond remain style and

Style amounts to a consistent approach to the presentation of ideas;
the flavor of words chosen, types of constructions used, the direction
in which the reader is led to discover meaning. rue style develops
over time and does not break down unexpectedly as an affected style
may, because it derives itself genuinely from the writer's

Where style is the writer's brush technique and color palette, essence
is the writer's choice of subject matter. ssence lays before the
world not merely a personality, but an entire system of values and
beliefs. ssence needs a level of honest courage, or lacking that, a
naive lack of awareness.

When the writer has mastered style and essence in addition to the
basics, the potential for great writing may exist if the writer's
essential thought is applied to the human condition rather than the
weekly political topic or other transitory issues.

The most difficult and important part of the writing process is
discovering what needs to be said.

R deserves to suffer.

It has been said that great art can only arise from suffering. I
don't know if that's true or not. It is one of my beliefs that
suffering only arises from a need for it, from an inability to "get"
something without going through experiences we describe as

Who is "R"?

Subtlety written subtly can be subtly edited away.