Re: do you even remember life before YouTube anymore?

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here's the same thing posted somewhere else:



here's a live extended version:

do you even remember when YouTube wasn't the only video resource available?

i thought we settled the "YouTube Generation" thinger in that other
thread several weeks ago.

are you still taking up the contrary position?

why?  for the comedy?

anyway, it's pretty funny that one of the problems with the
aforementioned links is that the NEW and IMPROVED Google Groups post-
quoting interface seems to be screwing them up just as much as myspace

what a world.

oh well, at least it's still an excellent source for humor.

The humor being that you aren't linking to YouTube.

point mine.

to drive it home even further, what would you have titled this thread?


"I hate television.
I hate it as much as I hate peanuts.
But I can't stop eating peanuts."
-- Orson Welles