Re: on what authority

Pies de Arcilla wrote:
On Feb 3, 1:18 pm, "$Zero" <z...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
on what authority

I never understood authority. Someone said that God has ultimate
authority. I don't understand that.

And therefore I don't understand "moral authority" either.

I guess maybe someone has authority in the instant they are telling
you to do the right thing. But not necessarily in the next, when they
tell you to do the wrong thing.

But the complication is, you can never be sure that you did the right
thing, which means that you can never determine whether someone did,
in fact, have authority in the past.

So I don't think that authority is a very useful concept.

"So I don't think---." I suggest with kindest intent that that might
be the problem. List those things in your experience that are
absolutes. Consider them carefully and you will come to a precipice.
The only true authority waits for you to be like the fledgling hawk
that takes that first leap away from the familiar substance of nest
and limb. You have within you the knowledge of that authority.