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I'll take that as a "no"...

Was looking for some tips / advice.


What sort of advice?

I'm about 1 to 2 weeks away from completing my book. (Not a novel, but one
of those "specialty humour" offerings (can't think of any other description)
found in your local humour section. I hope that description of what I'm
writing makes sense.

I'd like to hear from other Canadian humour writers who've also been able to
get published in the US, experiences with an agent, can it be done WITHOUT
an agent, etc. What's a typical writer's cut from the cover price?

I've Googled around looking for answers here and there, but I'd like to hear
from someone who's done it...or tried.

I've written professionally for radio for a long time...earning numerous
honours for my work along the way, so it's not like I've chugged away on an
assembly line for half my life and just yesterday decided to be a apologies to anyone here who works on an assembly line. I know
what's funny and what isn't. I've got the goods...I just have to get it to
the shelves, and not screw myself along the way.

That sort of advice.


Is this "Vinyl Cafe" sort of stuff?

You could get a hold of Stuart McLean through the CBC. If anyone knows
the ins and outs of it it would be him and his team.

I've noticed a lot of Canadian publishers are now dealing direct with
authors and bypassing the agent system. The is an association of
Canadian Childrens's Publishers

Many of them have humour departments.