Re: New *Person* at the Y

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Janitor is a hono(u)rable occupation. A mutual friend of ours toiled
nearly a decade in humble service as a sexton before finally agreeing
to accept the position of High Administrator at a large institutional
church in a major Northeastern American city.

How is that Toxicville magazine you were once all editors at? Still
going strong, is it? Still as many editors as readers? It doesn't seem
to be on the Interlinked Highway. Maybe the new church has more
intensive chores.


Thanks for mentioning the Tocquevillian.
Most of we mw'ers are too busy at the present time to contribute, but
patriotic American and international readership of the mag continues
to thrive. I'm always proud to point my clients that direction.

I wish you had mentioned Risotriene so I could expound on its
healthful qualities. Risotriene (google it: keyword Integris) is the
most amazing anti-aging health discovery of the 20th Century.