On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 20:02:31 +0800, I said, "Pick a card, any card"
and "Bernie" <rainbow1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> instead replied:

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On 21 Jun 2006 20:35:51 -0700, I said, "Pick a card, any card"
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No, I said `He writes Negro because he wants people on the
Internet to
"N-----" and to project their thoughts back onto him.'

Then we're in agreement. YOU think this way because you are
Geno simply used a normal, descriptive word.

Geno has been practising this same trolling technique on MW since
long before you appeared on the scene.

Ooh! That old saw doesn't cut, Bernie.

His game is based on an utterly false but plausible sounding
argument (known to the cognoscenti as sophistry and to others as
brain-boggling), but while the earlier mw MIGS have long since
recognised it for the simple (read that as childish)
mischief-making it actually is, you appear to have completely
swallowed it -- hook, line, sinker and all!

So, the racism comes from Geno and implants itself within your head?
You have no control over your thoughts? What Geno does is bring out
the real thinking in the readers mind. I'm utterly shocked that you,
of all people, fell for it. Geno uses words. From those words you
extract racism. Geno's words are innocent bystanders. The evil
translation of those words into racism takes place in your mind,

It may well be that he is a genial host and an excellent
raconteur and I do admire his genuine and very generous care of
stray cats.

Well, that explains why you were so easily snookered.

I can also understand his dismay at the deleterious effect
unabating immigration can have on an already established
community because I experienced it myself in the UK 1960s when
the floodgates were suddenly opened to all and sundry from the
disbanding Commonwealth.

All of that, however, does not alter the fact that his frequent
references to the colour, appearance and/or nationality of his
various "neighbours" are *intended* to mark him as blatantly
racist, no matter how he attempts to laughingly weazel his way
out of it by pretending to have "set a trap".

How so? Adjectives used the way Geno uses them have the same meaning
as they do when others use them. Why do you not brand others using
them as racist? You've seen some fairly blatant racism here and you
choose now to take a stand?

Hope that helps.

It hasn't so far. Perhaps you should try again. This time, look more
carefully at what Geno is writing.