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No, I think your generation is more interested in black holes. I think
young people are more interested in black holes than older people,
generally. So I don't know if it's the times or youth.

I recall when I first heard of black holes and how shocked I was to
find out that something quite possibly existed in the real world
that simply could not be measured in the traditional sense. It
opened my mind, Chris, when I read how they were discovered.

Which story was that?

Explain the meaning of this question, John. Are you limiting
yourself to a single meaning of the word trying to be cute?

WARNING: You'll fall on your ever present sword yet again if you

that, electrons and holes moving about in an organized fashion
through semiconductor materials made absolute sense.


Quantum leaps and all.

Black holes
changed me forever and still fascinate me beyond all reason.

For me the facination lies, as with so much of modern physics, in the
beautiful consistency of the apparent paradoxes the theory throws up.

Assuming you're not trying desperately to be contentious, is there
some reason for you to believe I that don't share that state of