Re: Huricane Rita before and after (comparitive realities)

Shazam! No reason, it's just magic. So John Kulczycki
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>>John Kulczycki wrote:
>><< a serious message >>
>>Thanks John: that stopped me in my tracks.
>You are most welcome.
>>God it's depressing.
>No Duh. I think about them every day and I still ask myself everyday why
>it it happened, and why the rest of the world let it happen. 2005 and
>we're still clubbing each other over the head with sticks.

Presumably there's something in it for somebody.

> The next big
>comet and mass extinction of the species is becoming a welcomed thought.

So long as it lands on your house not mine, yes.

>>Iraqis have suffered so much.
>Between the sanctions and GW11, I can't imagine any child born during
>that period will ever look upon the west a friend
>>Can you imagine an entire country with
>>post traumatic stress disorder and where every person has a relative or
>>knows someone who's had a limb blown off or simply went stark raving
>CRAZY isn't it? Like can you imagine a kid say 5 or so having both arms
>blown off for what Bushit Wants? Can you imagine going through the rest
>of your life, say to, oh, 65 or so, for Bush Wants, like that?
>Some how Vietnam has pulled itself back together. I hope the same will
>happen here.

Vietnam had a lot more cohesion though.

>I wish Bushit would be a man. That he would call of a special meeting of
>the UN tomorrow and simply say "World, I've screwed this up so bad that
>I can't even think of a way to start fixing it. I need help." Then ask
>for a multi national UN force (paid by the US and GB) to establish law
>an order and pull the "Allied" forces out so they can't screw anything
>else up.

I think the UN's track record on restoring order is sufficiently poor
not to recommend it. Although Rwanda is quite orderly these days.

>Then resign and call an election. I would not care if he and his band of
>idiots all ate their guns, which I'm sure they all have.

Fitzy should flush 'em out.

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