Re: Curiosity - how fast do professional writers write?

You rang, m'lord. Well, even if you didn't, "chris_tine49@xxxxxxxxxxx"
<chris.editrix@xxxxxxxxx> said:

>John wrote:
>> That was uncalled for. So far, you've been a rude and slightly obnoxious,
>> but that's too much.
>> Christine, why do you even acknowledge these people?
>Thanks, John. I appreciate your concern.
>We go back a long way, sort of, the boys and I. The word "cunt" has
>lost its impact here owing to frequent indiscriminate use. (I hate it
>too.) And the rest of the name-calling, which is part of the prevailing
>"culture" not just here but in much of Usenet--I think.
>Most people are smart enough to stay away from Alan and Ivor as
>encounters with them are as often about swift and painful humiliation
>as witty repartee. Sometimes they share their skill, intelligence, and
>experience in different ways, though.
>I sometimes take things seriously and try to present or talk about
>different viewpoints. Unless I'm being bitchy I try to be civil. This
>seem generally to be viewed with distaste. Perhaps I'm as stupid,
>unskilled, irrelevant, and wrong as they insist.
>Or perhaps not. I'm an editor and I work as a sort of writing coach to
>help get published faculty who must write but may not like it--or who
>want to write something different from their accustomed research
>writing and don't know how. So I represent a different group of writers
>and kind of writing.
>But this newsgroup is pretty much about "play" and political
>discussions right now. It's always been about play--casual discussion
>about anything. The political emphasis is relatively new, and I think
>it makes the "play" of trading insults, one-upmanship, and rhetorical
>manipulation more harsh.
>The object is to win, not to shed light. Some think the triumphs are
>entertaining, if only to themselves, or instructive or both.
>Any thread that stays on a serious topic too long will be derailed,
>sometimes by simple shift to other topics and sometimes by the method
>you are observing.
>I'm bullheaded. I don't find this play, when it gets nasty, to be cute
>OR intimidating. Sometimes I decide not to subject myself to it.
>Sometimes I just plug on. I have delusions of being a champion for
>truth and fairness -- or at least the middle ground or the unvoiced
>Or at least myself!
>Either way, I'm not playing the game "right." <g>

You still think "stupid cunt" isn't merited, Alan?

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