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Why are Government employees exempt from HOS or medical, but must have
proper endorsements for CDL?

They are not actually exempt.

Really? Explain §390.3(f)(2).

Exemption only if the vehicle is owned outright by the "government".
If a trucking company is under a contract with a "government", then they
are not exempt.
For instance, US military vehicles are exempt.

Let me copy and paste the OP's question so you don't have to strain
your eyes.

> Why are Government employees exempt...

Horrible back peddle richard. If a trucking company is under contract
with the government, then the driver isn't a government employee. Next

I think you just shot yourself.
You said, "isn't" when you meant to say "is".
Which is what I said. As a trucker, I have hauled loads for the US Navy,
does that make me a government employee? I don't think so.