Re: Who in the hell is Zke?

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So that means your real e-mail address was:


And if the idiots here that claimed they received e-mails from me were
smarter they probably would have found they received e-mails that
from a IP address.

Gee, you did that once yourself Fubar Frederick. You posted an e-mail
thought was from me only to have the IP address prove it wasn't from me.

There was no such proof of any kind.

The IP address in the e-mail was certainly proof that the e-mail didn't come
from my ISP when you tried to report that e-mail to my ISP you Idiot.

And the name used on that e-mail wasn't even a name I use so you were really
st00pid. You know Jeff post with my name and e-mail address so why wouldn't
he send e-mails with it too?

Once again when Chris pointed out that you had been duped in a recent post
he was really slow at pointing that out.