Re: 12 or 15% grade in NewYork state

"Kujo" <karazy_kujo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just west of Cortland NewYork on state route 90 which should have
truck restrictions but doesnt. I was scared shitless which to me is
the sign of a good driver and I know some of you would argue
diferently. I missed my opportunity to get loaded new years eve and
decided to drive from Genoa NY to Cortland to hangout over the
holiday. Yes I was empty and It still scared the hell out of me. My
a.b.s. was not working and every time I hit the brakes the trailer
slid to the edge of the snow and ice covered road. I came to a
complete stop and said a prayer and then just idled down in low gear.
The only sign about the grade was on the west bound side and in the
mirror said 12 or 15%. A local driver that I ran into at the little
Dunkin Doughnuts fuel stop asked me if I was nuts for running that
road and I explained to him that there was no restriction noted in the
Rand MCnally and no one around to ask about it before I commited!

Anyone else ever get into a situation like this?

Yikes. I hate it when trailers go sideways.

First sad to hear you were not home for New Years Eve.

Second. I'd say the craziest thing I've done with an 18 wheeler is take a
twisting road that was barely big enough for a car let alone a 48' flatbed.
You can see the road I managed to take by going to and putting 37.6 -82.9 into the input box and
clicking on "Search Maps."

After driving through that mess I ended up eating at a KFC in Pikeville,
Kentucky that can be found at:

If you view the map in the above URL in "Aerial" it is just like I
remembered it.

Then I parked it for the night in Pikeville in what might have been a
parking lot for Target and unloaded the next morning.somewhere in Virginia.

BTW after reading about Pikeville at the following URL,_Kentucky
I found out Patty Loveless was from there.