Re: Note for Ed (was: OT: Telephone Utilities/Services)

"The Honorable Dr. Rocky Roads Presiding Judge" <wookiee@xxxxxxx>
wrote in

Top wrote:

Are you trying to deny the fact that Trolls exist? It sure
looks that way.

I never said anything of the sort.

Ok, let us look at it the other way then. What do you really know
about Trolls?

You make my case for me.

I do say that no one has to be

Try telling that to Tim or John because they are Trolls.

You seem to make the choice to be one whenever you can.

And what about Tim or John then?

I say you make my case for me because you prove you can't accept any
responsibilty for anything you do. The first thing you do is find
others to call names or blame. You can never look at you. You make my
case for me.

Don't forget that the very first time you gave me shit was
right after Scott hijacked the thread about when I got my CDL.
Scott Trolled this NG, you followed him and I have proof of
that on:

And I was the one that pointed that out to you.

I remembered that but what is more important than what you said is
when and where you said it because it shows a direct link to
Scott's Trolling.

Again pointing at someone else. Hell you even had to point the finger
at Scott when I tried to take the blame for it.

Now don't forget to
look for what Sarge said or have you forgotten to blame me that?

I know where you as "Sarge" started giving me shit and why too.
It was because Scott was Trolling when he hijacked my thread.
More at:

Then stick to Rocky and drop the "Honorable" Something that
certainly doesn't apply.

The term "wannabe" doesn't apply either so as long as I have to
deal with any names whatsoever my name stays the way it.

Besides, you have to admit. Compared to how often I used to
change names this is "Honorable"

I don't think I mentioned wannabe in this thread. No I don't call
this honorable. Until you can accept responsiblity for what you do I
won't call you honorable. Just using that in your screen name is less
than honorable. Calling yourself that demeans those that hhave worked
to earn the title.

I'll make it easy for you. Most of that was in email then parts
made it to the NG.

Fair enough.

Good for you. Now use one name.

Don't expect too much but you have to admit a lot has changed




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