Re: Credit Check on Applications

This is very common outside of trucking. I haven't looked at a truck
company app in almost 10 years so it may be common in trucking as well.
Companies use it as a measure of your responsibility, but it's more likely
that they are required by their lawyers or insurance compane to have that
language on the app whether they actually pull a credit report or not. Once
a significant number of companies in an industry start some practice the
rest of them are forced to adopt the practice to appear as if they are being
just as careful as the most careful company. The company legal department
sees that some other company has lost a lawsuit partially because they
weren't carefully screening possible employees. Some trial lawyer makes a
big deal in court with something like "you mean you didn't even check the
credit on employee X even though you were trusting him with very valuable
equipment and freight. Don't you know credit reports are cheap and used by
other companies? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury if this big company was
so reckless in their hiring the ought to be punished." The company is
trusting you with expensive equipment and the freight. If you seek a job as
a bank teller, stock broker, maybe even cashier, or a whole range of jobs
dealing with money it's pretty common.

I suspect I didn't get a job with Delta Airlines in 1991 because of an
erroneous entry on my credit report. I didn't learn why I was passed over
until much later and only because a friend from school was working inside of
DAL HR. The "dreadful credit report" was the only thing obvious in my
record that might have been an explanaton according to her. That's when I
got my report and saw the erroneous info, and was able to have it removed.
By the time I did all that the airline industry was in the biggest recession
prior to 9/11 and everybody was laying off, not hiring.



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"NightRogue" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I Received an application in the mail the other day and it said by signing
it I give them permission to do a credit check. I'm not buying a truck or
anything else from them.
I was wondering if anyone else had seen this on an app., and for what
purpose would an employer feel the need to check someones credit ?
I don't ever remember seeing this on an app. before is why I'm asking..