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The major item in this post is where Tony post: "no one really uses the term
"wrapping" in America. Both methods are routinely defined as "belly
strapping" because it helps prove I was close enough to right on June 17,
2004 when I used the term "belly strap" that realtiytrasher should not have
thrown the fuss he did. Dang, what a whiner he was over nothing!

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Now lets say you only have one level of greasy steel bars to load on a
flatbed. Besides the front and rear bulkheads you lay down one or
more straps with the hook on the side with the ratchets. Once the
load is put on the truck, you throw the hook over the load to the side
without the ratchets. Then with the other side of the strap, you
throw that over the load the other way, to the side with the ratchets
so you end up going around all the steel rods. The strap goes twice
over and once under in the above instance.

That's not the ONLY definition of belly strapping, but read on...

What you describe is a method of what is known as "BELLY WRAPPING".

It's Australian in nature, but the terminology is absolutely on target,
there are very good images to boot.

Belly strapping is performed to secure layers of a load as it is loaded
when they extend to the width of the trailer. Belly wrapping is used to
secure rounded bundles or loads that do not span the width of the entire

But you know what? I'm gonna give you credit anyway, because no one really
uses the term "wrapping" in America. Both methods are routinely defined as
"belly strapping".

The Honorable Rocky 5 has spoken

And with a little more sense for a change.


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