Re: Dennis you are posting bullshit to this NG.

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That might be for a lot of cases, but since jugdges don't want anybody
to see how far they altered the facts, then you are absolute BULLSHIT
in my case.

Oh...let me see if I have this correct. All other cases are recorded,

Wrong, they are only recorded if someone request that they be

What? Which planet was your case tried on? ALL court cases are
recorded in some manner. You know that lady (or man) who sits off to
the side of the bench typing on something that looks like an itty
bitty typewriter? She/he is called a stenographer. A COURT
stenographer. You might want to look that up on the web the next time
you're looking for new trucking terms to impress us with.


"and" what? You have already posted bullshit and the rest of your
paragraph was just more bullshit.

, but in YOUR case, this was not done
because there is NO way that YOU would >"alter the facts"?

That is true because there is no need to alter facts when the exhibits
used in the jury trial can be used to show that Duane Thompson
duplicated the "Errors of Law" that overturned the Mack case and the
judges helped Duane get away with his "Fraudulent Deception."

I really think I've got a grip on this for the first time.

If you want to see exact what was said I can arrange that since I know
where the transcript for that Motion is.

Tony you are full of Bullshit and if you ever tried to get ahold of
those transcripts yourself you would find out that a judge destroyed
the copy that was at the Rock Island Courthouse.

Rocky - still sucks