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"Rocky" <wookiee@xxxxxxx> wrote in

Still WrongUBe and TrollUBe. Why do you feel it is so necessary to
lie about my entire life?

If I'm the one who is lying, why aren't you dragging me into court for a
libel suit? That's what you do, don't you, when people lie about you?

Here, let me put it this way, do you honestly think that your post,
filled with complete bullshit, would be allowed on a moderated

Actually, no, but not because my posts would be "filled with complete BS".
It would be due to the fact that not one of YOUR posts would make it past a
moderator, thus eliminating the resulting discourse that would surely

I can't waste my time on the rest of your post, since you made a wrong
turn as soon as you left the Terminal and you have no intention of
heading in proper direction now.

I see you've been boning up on some more trucking terms, so that you can
attempt to keep up the claim that you are one.

Ten steps leading up to a newsgroup consuming flame-war on
misc.transport.trucking follow.

Se what I've done? I knew it was going to happen. The ballerina act.

1. Scott/tscottme hijacks the thread about my CDL on September 12,
2003 and starts hostile actions toward me from other Trolls.

Translation: This is when the FIRST member of MTT started having doubts
that you were not what you were claiming to be. Note the date. It has been
since this date that you have FAILED to offer proof to justify your claim
that you were a trucker and that you had a CDL.

2. Dave Ruff post a false and a later recanted statement on December
16, 2003.

I can think of several times that various members have recanted statements,
in the hopes that you would shut-up. I've even done it. It's never worked.

3. Jeff/Zeke nymshifts on December 25, 2003 and posters incorrectly
think he is me.

And of course, this coming from the master of nymshifting to side-step
members who have had more willpower to avoid your mania by kill-filtering
you, as is documented in the archives. But one humorous nymshift to make a
point was the crime of the century, in your book at least.

4. Tim/realitytrucker launches his first attack against me on
December 30, 2003 using items from all three of the above post.

And justified, I might add. Since 9/12/2003 (Your date. I really don't keep
up with that kind of stuff), you have had ample opportunity to put the one
issue to bed that would have eradicated what has gone on in here for more
than four years, and you refuse to do it.

5. A Usnet Hijacker, Dave Ruff starts an Off Topic and clearly
Malicious Thread on February 17, 2004.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but off-topic posts have been occurring
in MTT for all of the past 13 years. In addition to that, I've found myself
in the center of some rather heated controversy more than once, and you
don't see me whining about it, nor documenting it on web pages for people
to stumble upon, who have no interest in such ramblings, much less any idea
what the hell it all is supposed to mean.

When people challenge you online, you have four choices to make;

1.) You meet the challenge head-on, and refute them effectively;

2.) Knowing that you are unable to, you fess up that you made an error,
were lying, or were completely ignorant, whichever case applies;

3.) You disappear for the scene in shame because you have been outed, and
you are not a person who can do either of the first two above;

4.) You stupidly attempt to hang on to your lie(s), error(s), or ignorance,
thinking that it will be eventually believed if you repeat it enough times.

Clearly, you are a candidate for the last method of dealing with all
challenges that come your way.

6. Scott post false information about me on February 20, 2004 on the
"UsnetHijacker's" thread when he tries to say that I'm Richard.

Again, he was hardly the only one that had that fleeting thought at the
time. Your jumping to Bullis's defense was the catalyst that planted it in
some of our minds. I'm sorry that such an accusation has ruined the rest of
your life. You are both pests that refuse to accept that you have no one
that cares to associate with you in an friendly manner whatsoever, due to
the way you live your pathetic online lives.

7. A UsnetBomber (Tim) uses the false information on March 25, 2004
from what Scott posted on February 20, 2004.

I would think that Scott would have more of a beef about that, than you
should. After all, isn't that plagiarism?

8. A Usnet Identity Thief (Jeff) decides to help the Usenet Hijacker,
the Usenet Bomber and Scott on March 28, 2004.

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya'.

9. Dave Ruff, the Usnet Hijacker finds a one letter type on March 31,
2004 and starts a nasty rumor against my CDL.

Now don't start whining about people doubting that you have or do not have
a CDL. You could have and still can, put that issue to bed anytime you
desire to do so, and the archives are filled with suggestions on how to do
it without you compromising any personal information contained on it.

You don't have one, or you would have offered the proof a long time ago.

10. Tim/realityChallenged starts complete BS about my CDL on June 18,
2004 after eating months of "Sucker Bait" from Dave Ruff.

Look...I'm stepping out on a limb here, because I don't like to speak for
others, but if you can find any member of MTT that has been actively
posting content in here for more than 60 days, and you can get them to post
that they believe that you have a CDL, I'll allow you the opportunity to
dictate to me, where to send a donation of $500 to the charity of your
choice for each person that does so.

After the above series of events a flame-war on
misc.transport.trucking would build into total farce about my entire

And none of it is your fault, is it? Of course not.

But, all of these words will be lost on you, because in your mind, they are
all about someone else, and not one of them could be about you. Your mania
will not allow you to digest them properly, and you will burp up some more
bile to attempt to express the way that injustice has landed on your
doorstep once again.

And of course, it's all because I have swallowed some "sucker bait",
whatever that is. Well, at least your choice of wording has improved. So, I
see some progress has been made. A little for sure, but every little bit


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