Re: You Operators owe me a lot of money

tim <@can.not> wrote in news:JcbYi.208$Jh.125@xxxxxxxxxxxx:

First time we were exiting on the ramp. A right rear tire of a
trailer, from the left lane exploded and the entire tread flew across
and hit the PT Cruiser's lower front bumper and took out the lower
part of radiator some hose, oil pan etc.
Second time the undersides of Mustang. Several cars hit the casing
right after we saw it blow off the truck. Another semi hit it also and
jumped very high when it impacted and caused a big shower of sparks.
The truck kept going. A 90s Blazer hit it next and lost a chrome strip
and slung the casing under the Mustang.

Why are you mad enough at trucks to mention that the truck that RAN OVER
the tire casing didn't stop, but yet the Blazer that hit it and
ultimatly sent it, alledgedly, under your car never gets mentioned?

Third time it took out the grill of my daughters 2000 S10 and right
fender, As far as being close there is no damned accurate yardstick.

Sure there is...I recall years ago in drivers training something about 1
car length for every 10 miles an hour...or something like that.

The rocks apparently came from between the gate and bed.
I forgot one more. My son's new Pontiac Soltice, 3 months old, looks
like the windshield has been hit with bird shot. He said a 3 axle dump
passed him with sand flying everywhere.


Believe me we stay off the
dangerous Interstate every chance we get. My son was so mad he
followed the truck at a distance and called the Police. Their response
was we'll keep an eye out for him.
We had a semi pull over on us in the motorhome from the right. We were
flowing with the traffic, in six lanes of traffic. Only by standing on
the brakes did we avoid getting killed and possibly dozens of others.
It appeared he did it intentionally. He missed our front end by mere
inches not feet. Two weeks ago we had another Semi do the same damned
thing just north of Louisville from the left.
Calling the Police is an exercise in futility unless they actually
make contact. The incident, in Atlanta, left us shaken for days. We
really did face death. We called the number on the rear of the
trailer. They would contact him and WOULD get back to us. Total BS.
They must have called him though because he was mouthing off on the CB
a little later, in front of us some nonsense about getting his .308
and yada yada yada. What in the hell is wrong with you people?

You sound like the typical car driver that just wants to be all bad ass
and try to push trucks around. I can just see you stepping on the gas
when a truck turns on a turn signal so as not to let him in front of
you. Don't lie, admit it, you've done it lots of times.
Go home and cry.