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No, Ed, it never ended. He doesn't want it to.

You do not want it to end. All Dave Ruff has to do is snap his fingers and
you will be right at it. Post in point is when you restarted this stupid
flame-war on February 21, 2006. Dave Ruff changed the subject to submarines
and then said I didn't know about Submarines. Then on February 21, 2006 you
restarted your flaming and you have not stopped since.

Anytime it appears to
die down

This isn't an issue of "die down." It is an issue that Dave Ruff will post
false statements when he Flames and this newsgroup should be aware that he
is just using you for a stupid game that he plays with this newsgroup!

a bit he starts dragging up 1,2,3,even 4 year old posts just
so he can cry "Looky, Looky what (insert name here) said! It's 3 to 0
now. I win! I win! Yippee!"

You consider that "win?" I can prove you have been feeding this newsgroup
false information since you started this stupid flame-war. If you want to
think of that as a "win" go right ahead.

He is obssessed with winning in any
form...even a silly usenet flamewar... and he'll lie and cheat to do
so or even make it appear so in his warped view.

I find places where you will lie and cheat and when I ask you to do the
same, you just beat around the bush becuase you know you are a liar and a

In case you didn't realize. You are not "Flaming" you are lying and you
have been since 2003. It is so funny when you say things about me because
they all fit you better than you realize!

Rocky -


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