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It's still the most correct post I've read anywhere on usenet.



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"Top" <topretired@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm setting up yet another NG reader and in doing so I pulled up some old
posts and I found this jewel -

Subject: To Gashauler, Realitytrucker,
From: "stillcrazyafteralltheseyears@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Newsgroups: misc.transport.trucking

I been watching this newsgroup while doing some research on the
internet as an expressive outlet for the mentally ill. Unfortunately,
I have several mentally ill people in my family and I know for a FACT
that the only way to help them is through medication. Dealing with
people I dearly love who have mental illness has given me a deep desire
to understand the illness, hence my research.

I've seen your attempts to remove a poster who goes by the name of
Rocky. I'm not so concerned about his postings but about yours. I
am certainly not about to suggest you stop posting to him, but I wonder
if you really understand your underlying reasoning. You state that
you are trying to get this person to quit this newsgroup, but you must
know on some subconscious level that that just can't happen.

First let me state that one can diagnose a person's specific disease
just by his writing but some serious symptoms are obviously present.
These are real symptoms that have names. They are no different that
other symptoms like a high fever, chest pain, or persistant cough, and
they can be identified in the DSM-IV the "bible" for mental health
professionals. I'm telling you this because I want you to understand
that mental illness is a "real" illness with "real" symptoms.
When a person exhibits two or more of these symptoms over a period of
time greater than two weeks, they have a mental illness.

1. Logorrhea - When a person writes excessively and/or repeats the same
words or thoughts over and over, he/she is exhibiting a positive sign
of mental illness. His posting on this newsgroup is a prime example.

2. Thought disorder - When a person shows signs of derailment, -
switching topics midstream, perseveration- persistant repetition of
words and ideas, echolalia- echoing a statement from another poster
over and over, illogicality-conclusions that just do not follow from
what he has just stated, and tangentiality - not sticking to the
subject at hand but going off in a different direction , he/she is
exhibiting a positive sign of mental illness. One only has to go to
his webpages to see evidences of every single one of these thought

3. Delusional thinking - When a person insists on believing something
is true against all evidence to the contrary. Rocky believes that he
won his court cases when all of his own evidence points to the fact
that in the end, he lost big. Rocky often states that the reason he
posts is to protect other posters. He just cannot see that if you had
the wish, you could attack every poster on that newsgroup and there is
nothing HE could do about it. His webpages are textbook cases of
delusional thinking.

4. Obsessiveness - Rocky is still obsessed with events that happened
in 1983. He is obsessed with you, Dave, and he isn't going to get
over it. He brings you into his posting even when there is no logical
reason to do so.

5. Sleep problems - either too little or too much. If you look at his
timelines, Rocky must have bizarre sleep patterns. He appears to go
days with little or no sleep. When he isn't posting here he is
working on his webpages. From his posts and his websites, his mind
always appears to be racing but never toward any eventual goal.

6. Inability to develop social relationships and the inability to
understand which behaviors from others are friendly overtures and which
are not. Rocky probably came to this newsgroup out of a desire to be
accepted by his peers. He just doesn't understand that every
profession has its unspoken largely subconscious mores and that to be
accepted as a member of that profession, a person has to learn the
mores very quickly. It is how the members of a profession recognize
each other and it simplifies meeting people and knowing how to
communicate with them. Just about everybody in this newsgroup could go
into a crowded room and determine who the truck drivers are in a very
short time because of the subconscious "hints" given out. These
mores aren't just limited to truck drivers. Cops, doctors, pilots,
etc., all have their own sets. Because of his illness, Rocky just
cannot understand this and he just cannot understand why nobody
believes he is a truck driver. He never will. In addition, Rocky
cannot differentiate even in this newsgroup which people are disgusted
with him and which are not. A poster will state in no uncertain terms
what he thinks of Rocky, and yet in the next post, Rocky will talk to
them like they are long lost friends. He just cannot read social
signals of any kind. Add to that the fact that Rocky is extremely
immature as evidenced by his use of bodily function language and
who's in "love" with who, even if he didn't exhibit other
symptoms, his social maladjustment alone would be cause enough to say
that he has mental illness.

7. Inability to cope with every day problems and the inability to
tell minor problems from major problems - every minor happening in
their life is a major trauma, yet they ignore major issues. When Rocky
posts "trucking stories", they are so infantile and meaningless, it
makes any who reads them question whether this person actually drives a
truck. He cannot respond in any sensible way to the major issues that
truck drivers attempt to discuss on this newsgroup. He also cannot see
that his stories show that he has no concept of the risks he's
obviously taken when he' been behind the wheel of a large vehicle.

8. Low tolerance for irritation - minor things will send them into
inappropriate, often aggressive, reactions. Joyce is a kind
grandmotherly figure on this newsgroup. For those who disagree with
what she says, she could at worst be seen as a minor irritation. Rocky
acts aggressively towards her just about every time he posts to her for
no apparent reason.

There are others, but by now, you should be able to get the drift. If
you want to see more, just go to any of the mental illness websites out
there - there are a ton of them. Type "delusional" or "mental
illness" in google.

Now to you - why do you post to him? You must understand that there is
no possible way to "talk" a mentally ill person sane. It just
can't happen. The mentally ill need drugs, PERIOD! So what is your

I'm concerned because you seem to be becoming obsessed with this
person. I know truck driving must be a lonely profession but you have
chosen to talk to someone who is mentally ill over the number of sane,
rational posters in this newsgroup who share the same lifestyle you do.
I really don't understand what Rocky could possible give to you that
the other posters don't. Have you sat back and thought about how
this posting is affecting you and the rest of your life? There are
cruel people out there who pick on the mentally ill - bullies or lack
of a better word - but I really don't see that in you. I am
concerned that you are slipping into an obsession that might be
affecting you in ways you aren't aware of and I wouldn't want to
see that happen.

I can't tell you to stop posting to Rocky any more than I can tell
Rocky to stop posting, but I think if you really understood what makes
Rocky do what he does, what you can and can't do about it, and if you
understand why you post back, you would come to decisions about how to
respond to him on you own.

Rocky is never going to leave - he can't. He needs whatever feedback
he gets just as surely as a starving person needs food. If NO ONE
posted back to Rocky he would still stay here for months and possibly
years. Nothing you say or do can change that. If you do decide to
stop posting to him, be aware that he will email you - it wouldn't
surprise me if he emailed everyone who's ever posted to this
newsgroup just to get reactions. He cannot understand why this would
be considered wrong just as he can't understand what nymshifting is
or why he is not accepted on this newsgroup. That part of his mind no
longer exists. The one outcome you can hope for is that if he gets no
attention here, he will gravitate towards the religious, political, or
metaphysical newsgroups. Those are the types of newsgroups the
mentally ill typically post in.

The one thing you can do for Rocky is to find out who he is driving
for. I know it seems harsh but a person who is mentally ill needs
evaluation by a psychiatrist before he should ever be allowed to drive
a big truck. His lack of sleep and his inability to understand the
risks he takes are two major reasons that he needs to be evaluated.
Rocky won't understand this, but his hurting some innocent person
isn't going to help him! The trucking company he drives for must
know by now that there is something seriously wrong with Rocky. I
think they need to be reminded of the liability they are assuming.

Do you want to know how Rocky will respond to this post? I think you
already know. He will ignore most of it because he simply is unable to
comprehend it and what he can't comprehend, he ignores; he will focus
on small snippets of it and project it onto you because his delusions
don't all him to see what I've actually written but only what gets
filtered in through his mental illness; and if he posts to me, he will
vary between being cajoling and aggressive - considerably more
aggressive if he thinks I am female. PERIOD. His mental illness gives
him no other options.

Hopefully, I've helped you understand that there is nothing you or I
can do by posting to Rocky - there is no magic word or idea that can
possibly get through to him - he is what he is.


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