Re: Mexican carriers want out of pilot program !!

tscottme wrote:

THat's probably true, however, the story makes it clear their primary
concern in economic. The Mexican association doesn't want American
companies competing in Mexico. The headline suggests they are worried about
discrimination in the US, but the story mentions multiple economic impacts
in Mexico, like letting in higher paying trucking companies will drive up
costs for Mexican companies.

It's funny how some are quick to scream discrimination while ignoring the
real problem. One of the few times I had a driver accuse me of profiling
him because of this colour there were other reasons. He was going to be
pulled over from the moment I saw the truck coming down the ramp. Just a
short time before he arrived I had received a Fax asking for time markers
on a particular company because they were about to be audited. He and
anyone else from that company was going to be pulled over between then and
the audit date.

The guy's log was 12 hours behind and showed him in WV. He had been out of
hours back then. He ended up getting charged, not because he was black, but
because he was driving after 15 hours on duty (closer to 26 hours). I put
him OOS and instructed him to get his log book caught up. He was reluctant,
saying the company would fine him $150 if his log showed him in violation.
I had just given him a $395 ticket.

I faxed everything to the auditor so he caught match the inspection time to
the log. Naturally, his records were the first that the auditor looked
at. The log showed him in WV at the same time I was giving him a ticket in
southern Ontario, so he ended up getting another charge for falsifying his

The next day the a