Re: Trucks bannned on section of I-70 in Indianapolis

"Skateboard'n" <trashysteelhauler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Looks like it's going to be a rough year in Indy.

Trucks will be banned on I-70 between I-65 & I-465 on the east side of the
split starting this Monday for the next 10 months.

"Trucks and rigs hauling trailers will be banned from a six-mile leg of
the state's busiest highway, from I-65 Downtown to I-465 on the Eastside,
starting Monday. The $175 million renovation will vastly improve a stretch
of highway, used by about 180,000 vehicles per day, that has been widened
but not overhauled since it was built more than 35 years ago."

I can see that would be a big problem for drivers that don't get through
there very often and it even looks like a major problem in itself. Years ago
I was ending west on I70 and wanted to head up to I74 and I hit the area
around rush hour. I asked for directions on the CB (which I hardly ever do
since you'll get a million different answers) and this local truck says
follow me. We went off this road down a single lane up to another road and
so on and so on until before I knew it he says " here you go". We didn't get
caught in any traffic and I was glad to find him. I'd hate to go there with
those roads closed.