Re: california grapevine

Disregard realitytrucker, he does not know very much.

There is a new theory on using your brakes on long down hills. It is to use
your brakes hard and then let them cool. Going down the grapevine like Tim
tells you to do could overheat your brakes.

Rocky @

"realitytrucker" <timp1232@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Simple. Take your time. Go slow. Go down the grade at least one
gear lower than you went up it. Don't ride the brake pedal. Use a
slow pumping action to slow yourself down. Depress the pedal to slow
down to the speed you want to be at then let up. When your speed
picks back up repeat. This procedure helps keep your brakes from
overheating Just take it slow and easy.

On Feb 8, 11:24 pm, "Martin Loomis" <bpma...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I expect in the future I will have to cross the grapevine and not having
experience with such a steep grade, I would appreciate any advice,
techniques, or experiences any of you may have had with this
pass). In the rain it must be a challenge and a half, I hear they close
if there is snow,true? I'm as wet behind the ears as they come, but I
hell even the pros who can do it in their sleep were in my spot once.
want to figure out what I would do now rather than while I'm doing it. If
makes any difference the trailer will be 53 with no jake. I've never been
a rig with a jake brake, hope someday to see the difference, maybe
can tell me about that also. Anyone who recognizes my posts know I ask a
of questions, patience please, if I keep it up someday I'll have some
answers! thanks