Re: Question about the "New Prepass Transponder"

Chris wrote:
If any of this gobblygook was true....what freaking difference
would it make ?

Rocky wrote:
When I first heard a "new" transponder beep with a green light last night,
it sounded like the old transponder beeping with a "red" light.
I try not stare at the prepass and I'd grown used to just listening to how
it beeps. I was hoping they didn't change the beep code at all but it seems
they did a little bit. But from what gringo states, it still sounds like
"Fast and Furious" for "red."

Can you imagine for a minute how ridiculous you sound ?
Imagine what it's like for a Space Shuttle commander upon de-orbit.
The man/woman and his/her crew have been through more training than you
could imagine. The checklist for the de-orbit burn down to a landing
in Cape Canaveral, Florida would boggle your mind. The pilot of the
shuttle has to know every system on the space shuttle and every
computer system ... and every conceivable emergency that could happen.
And you are confused by a blinking light and a beeping sound
entering a highway scale house ?