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Most trucks will not do the speed limit in a 70 mph state. And believe
me, even 5 mph makes a huge difference over a year's time. Think about
it. 5 mph X 10 hrs per day = 50 miles.
50 X 365 = 18250 miles per year X 40 cents per mile = $7,300 more income
potential. Don't buy into the BS some will feed you that slower driving
is "less stressful." Slower trucks tend to run in packs of other slow
trucks--talk about stress! Faster trucks are capable of outrunning the

I drive a governed truck (67) and I have to disagree with that. I'd
probably drive about that speed without a governor. The governor
removes the possibility of drifting up over the speed limit enough to
matter. When I can't use the cruise control for various reasons, I
can simply lay into the throttle and let the governor work. Lots less
stress. I just *hate* being in an area of say, 55 speed limit where I
can't use the cruise, where I have to watch the speedo vigilantly.

I agree that running in packs is somewhat stressful. If I can't get
around quickly I simply back off for a few seconds. No big deal.
Yeah, I would like a "turbo" button that would let me jet past the
pack but since I don't have one, I adapt other ways.

Your analysis of the value of the extra speed doesn't hold up under
actual conditions when you figure in waiting to fuel, waiting to load
and unload, sleeping, pee breaks and all the other stuff that cuts
into time-at-speed.

If one pays attention to a fast truck as he passes, one will
frequently - more often than not - run into him again at the fuel stop
or the scales or the next city slow-down.

The governor will be a consideration with the next company I work for
but not a major one. One of those little tie-breaker factors, at

That's what we call a relaxed driver. You can kick back and do you job
better when you don't have to be on constant watch for the law. And you're
100% right about catching up to the speeding trucks. I was pulling a D8 Cat
across the mid-west out to Salt Lake City Ut and I heard on the radio many
times the drivers say there's that bulldozer again. I just stayed out there
and cruised while then hauled ass from one truck stop to another.