Re: Question about the "New Prepass Transponder"

"CCBlack" <ccblack120@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Rocky wrote:
I was used to the old Transponder, where you could tell by the beeps if
had to pull in or not. Now I have a "New" transponder, both found at
The "new" Transponder, found on the bottom of the URL below has 4 quick
beeps for a green. The old transponder had quick beeps if you were
to pull in.
The above URL is right, the new transponder blinks green for about 15
minutes after you pass a scale but it only beeps 4 times total for a
light and the web site does not say anything about the beeps.
So the question is: How does the "new" transponder beep for a red?

This isn't rocket science. Did you read the part where it says
... " Two versions of the PrePass transponder exist. The functionality
is the same, only the design differs " ? Is there something
complicated in that ?


I know it says the "functionality is the same" but on the old prepass, it
was quick beeps with very little duration between them went with the "Red"

The new prepass beeps with the same quick pattern for 4 beeps on Green that
the old one did on Red. So I was wondering how the new one beeps for a
"Red" since it effectively uses the old "Red" beeping right now.

They have changed two things on the "new" prepass that I know of. On the
new one they have a way to indicate a low battery and if you get the green
light, it will keep flashing green almost 15 minutes where the old one could
quit flashing in less than 5 minutes.