Re: XM or Sirrus

NPR demonstrates all the independent thought of a Communist Party Congress.
They race each other to demonstrate who can toe the party line with the most
enthusiasm. Even when they ostensibly discuss a topic and try to present
both sides of a story, that just means they have on an uber-lib partisan and
an uber-lib reporter telling you what the conservatives have said about the
topic. Hardly more than 10% of the time will they present a fair lib v.
conservative discussion.


Democrats: "We give more aid and comfort to the enemy before 9 a.m. than
most people give all day."

"gpsman" <gpsman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
tscottme wrote:
me, I slightly prefer the Sirius service because it has the full range of
National Public Radio shows, with the exception of "All Things
and "Morning Edition", which are available everywhere by AM/FM radio.

Democrats: "We give more aid and comfort to the enemy before 9 a.m. than
most people give all day."

Republicans don't listen to NPR... too much independant thought.

You must be a closet Democrat.

- gpsman


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