Headlights "ON" when raining four inch wheelers!!!

BE forewarned you numb-skull four inch wheelers who all , or most of you in
those "SILVER GREY" cars that forget to turn your headlights "ON" when its
raining ...You blend in soooooo well with the spray comming off the rear
wheels of "OUR TRAILER TIRES" ...Its a well known fact that a "MONKEY" can
be taught to flip a switch!!! OR maybe , the car-makers will (someday) take
my idea into consideration "How about a smart chip installed into the cars
brain mod. that when the wipers come on, so do the headlights...!!! Nine
years ago I submitted this idea to GM,FORD & CHRYSLER. NO response was
given.I dont want money for the idea , I just dont want to squash
nobody.....!!!! MY opinion,my view,my concince.


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