Re: Hang up and friggen drive!!!

(Brian Smith) wrote;
>I just don't understand when possibly everyone
>can arm themselves, how anyone can tell who
>is the one to avoid and who is the criminal.
Huh? From what perspective? Do you suppose
people in the US walk along, see a gunfight and
just join in for the hell of it? ( a good rule of
thumb here is to shoot in the direction the
bullets are coming from) .....lmao....
I'm sure the people involved know who's who.
lol :) And if you're ever unlucky enough to be
involved, well, I think you'll know who the bad
guy is. So if you're not involved, best to just
keep walking. lol

In your culture, just carrying a gun may make a person "one to avoid".
Not in ours.
I don't own a handgun. Never wanted to and certainly never felt the
_need_ even though I was born, raised and reside in Texas where they're