Re: Hillary the next president?

On 6 Oct 2005 22:54:18 -0700, "Linda BWAS" <linda_bwas@xxxxxxxxx>

>It seems that the presidency of G. W. Bush is begining to fail. The
>women of this country have had enough!
>I think the next president of the USA will be Hillary Clinton and she
>will give back to women what rightfully belongs to them, the whole
>planet, which was created by the Great Mother Goddess, Gaia, to be
>ruled by women.
> All over the world, women will become presidents, prime ministers and
>Queens. Men will be banned from authority, science and advanced

It's a wonder they'll find a cure for anything now. Where would that
leave someone like Jonas Salk?

>And then, the world will finally be at peace. Women ruling all the
>countries of this planet, while men have to work as servants.
>This will happen, because the Great Mother Goddess said so.

And the whole time I thought George Bush was behind Hillary's
ascendancy to the White House. Lately, he's just been bungling
everything from left to right. Maybe he's Hillary's servant.

>Linda BWAS