Re: In Regards to Swift Slamming

"Rock Salt" <drrocksalt@xxxxxxx> wrote in

>> But you believe every negative piece you read about swift and discount
> the positive ones. That is retarded, toni.

I suppose you have some proof of that assertion? Gawd!!! I've given you
every pathetic point you have ever claimed about the company. You have it
good. Most who have graced their doors and left....have not.

> Read that again. Who else would have axes to grind? You brag about all
> the turnover you assume happens at swift, so why can you only produce
> a few negative stories about them? Let's not forget, your favorite can
> be debunked by asking any former MS driver. The best one to ask would
> be Bill in compliance in Atlanta.

Forgive me if I might find him to be a bit too biased, as you are. Let's
not overlook your glaring hypocrasy. You claim I can cite only a "few"
negative stories, and yet you want to offer one person, and of course,
yourself. But that's okay....because it's you.

The fact is, I don't cite only a "few" testimonials. Go to the site. There
are HUNDREDS of stories that can be read. I link to only a "few" sources of
those testionials.

> Really? It seems I currently have about 20,000+ drivers who agree with
> me. Not to mention those who have chimed-in in here. I'm just the only
> one who is not as good at ignoring ignorant posts from guys like you.

Oh...I see. YOU'RE the only one with internet access. And of course, you
are claiming that each and every one of these "supposed" 20,000 drivers are
just cheerfully singing about the wonderful jobs that they have, and how
their company cannot be any better....right?

What about the two hundred or more, that are probably cleaning out their
trucks as we speak, who will be replaced by next week's, one week wonder's?

Do you have ANY idea how many people are shoved through those doors each
week, in the various training and orientation facilities? Yep....that's
such an indication of the troops backing you up alright....

> I'm nothing special to Swift. If someone else isn't doing good, it's
> HIS/HER fault. Swift will keep them profitable to the company or fire
> them, but if they want to be profitable for themselves, they must
> better themselves.

It's pointless to challenge the things you say, because you keep saying
them over and over. Of silly of me to not understand that
people are being told one thing, and to find out it's not at all in any
reality, like it was represented. Of course, it's their fault that they do
not desire to be shoved around and treated like workers in third world
countries.It's their fault for finding themselves no longer employable in
the industry because the almight Swift Corporation uses blackball tactics
to prevent them from doing so, and of course, it's absolutely their fault
for not being able to buy a paper bag on credit, because the alighty Swift
Corporation has trashed their credit rating, and hounded them to the end of
the earth to collect on a contract that they shoved under their noses, full
of provisions and conditions that would be illegal or unenfroceable under
any other circumstances. or in other professions.

Now this and much more is what you defend. You came to that company under
far different circumstances than what most newbies do. I will not defend
what a stupid driver does, who should know better, but when you have a
company that has resorted to slumming around unemployment offices, to drum
up warm bodies, which is nothing more than an extension to exploit
desperate people for the sake of filling empty seats, while at the same
time, experienced drivers will not dare apply because they know the
reputation of the company, then I show you a company that has a deep,deep

> Duh, I currently work IN their training program, you dolt! Or are you
> talking about the schools where only half or less of each class
> graduates due to them not catching on. Would you rather them put those
> idiots on the road? Tell us some of your "fairy"-tell abuses.

Read them for yourself. You know where they are. You have done nothing but
stick your head in the sand, and I have nothing to suggest that you intend
to do otherwise. I've cited the abuses repeatedly in here, and I will not
do it again.

> Uh, you mean like Elmer? He seems to be doing just fine.

You and I both know that Elmer/Jill/Karen could have never worked for
Swift. By it's own admission, "Karen" was incarcerated at MCI-Muncy. If
this is true, Swift would not hire "it". It would have had a felony record,
and a very recent one at that. Even the fabulous, famous, and fastidious
Swift Corporation would not have hired a felon. They don't house busted pot
smokers there at MCI-Muncy either, AND they don't train drivers there
either for Swift or any other company.

> I just
> checked my DAC a while back (while looking into an LTL job) and all is
> well. I think Swift is updating my exp every quarter or better from
> the looks of it. All they could do is throw in a last minute comment
> about how bad a driver I was if I left. Any prospective employer who
> would believe a comment added at the end of XX # of years incident
> free employment is not someoene I would want to work for, anyway.

I've told you before, and I'll tell you again. If you leave under anything
less than the best of circumstances, they just might decide to rip you a
new A-hole. Gomer Pyle couldn't utter "surprise, surprise, surprise" enough
times to describe what they can and have been known to enter on people's
records. Admittedly, this complaint has subsided quite a bit, and I'm sure
it has more to do with the passage of some hard and fast rules to prevent
companies from doing this in 2004, more than it has to do with Swift
suddenly growing a heart.

You love them so much, yet you are continuously looking for something else.
I see nothing has changed.

> I know that all drivers are instructed in orientation as to how they
> SHOULD be treated. If they find they are being mistreated they have
> already been told how to solve that problem. No DM is perfect, and all
> are not saints, but there are systems in place to let the drivers
> report the bad ones.

I have pictures of Qual-Comm communications from some of these fine
nightshift DM's, and in fact, I spent a roll of film at my own expense,
when I met up with a driver at the WestMeadVaco mill in Cottonton, Alabama
late last year. This guy was exhausted from trying to meet the demands that
Swift was putting on him, and they were pushing him beyond belief. Threats.
Intimidation. Even vile profanity was typed in the screen and sent to this
guy. He was a mere 30 miles from his house, and had not seen it in WEEKS,
and these jerks were doing everything in the book from allowing him to go
home, because they had a "hot" load, that had to be someplace the next day,
and this guy had not had more than 6 hours of sleep over three days. He
communicated all of this, to no avail. I snapped a photo each time they
responded. Not much shocks me these days, but I can assure you, I was
shocked to say the least at the crap that I read. He had been there for
about 90 days. What has happened since that day, I will keep to myself, and
in fact...that's where I'll leave it. He is no longer with the company
though. He has found a fine job elsewhere.

I don't work for that company, and I'll bet I have seen more crap firsthand
than you'll ever open your eyes to. I make it a point to talk to drivers of
many companies. Swift is but one of them.

> You cannot produce hundreds. That's like you claim about lawsuits. You
> claim a search will net hundreds, but it only nets a few.

Reference to the largest suit ever filed and won against them in an
accident claim is nowhere to be found. I've tried repeatedly to find it.
15.3 million dollars for the death of a woman's daughter in North Carolina.
Why did it disappear? I don't know. It only happened five years ago or so.
I would bet my right arm that Swift is involved in 50-100 suits as we
speak, but then again, that's no surprise. Any corporation of that size
would be subject to litigation on a daily basis.

Much of what I did have referenced to in that department went poof with a
hard drive crash 3 years ago. I could spend the bucks to recover it, and
may do some day. I still have the old hard drive in a drawer in my office.

My time is very limited these days, and I would not take the time that it
would take to dispute your challenges. Why? Because if I did find reference
to at least a hundred or more suits, you'd ignore them. Secondly, it's not
important. There's more than enough other easily found evidence to support
most of what I say, and I'll make something else clear.

I'm not in the business to convince YOU of a thing. I am trying to help
others avoid the misery that many players in this industry can dish out.
You're knee deep in it already. You just don't know it.

> Not everyone cares about what piss-ants like you think, toni.

I've never said that everyone does, and I hate to break it to you, but I
don't live my life worrying about what people "care" anyway. I care about
informing others of what exists out there in this industry. I care about
the truth.

> Most drivers I talk to do not even have a clue what a newsgroup is. You
> should notice how long it takes me to reply, also. I am growing less
> and less interested in you, as well.

My heart bleeds.