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Oh, good!!! That will fix EVERYTHING!

You have an alternative?

For starters it's not their responsibility.

Who's is it, then?

The individual states where the vehicles are registered, and who are
responsible for the safety inspections thereof.

OK, then let's get the government out of auto safety, too: no more air
bags, no more seat belts, no more child seats, no more impact
resistant bumpers....sound like a plan?

Different issues.  Apples and oranges.  Certainly discussable, but
different issues.

How so? We're talking about SAFETY!

Who licenses vehicles and drivers - states or Fed?  Who is responsible
for mechanical safety of the operation of the vehicle (not new build
construction) - state or Fed?

By your logic every building in this country that gets constructed and
inspected ought to be he responsibility of the Fed.  There should be no
local building inspectors.

" The recommendations, directed at large buses known as motor coaches,
include requiring seatbelts for all passengers and electric onboard
recorders that keep track of how many hours a driver has been behind
the wheel.

The NTSB also has urged that buses have stronger roofs that aren't
easily crushed or sheared off to prevent passengers from being ejected
in a rollover and to ensure they have enough space inside to survive.
The board wants bus windows to be glazed using new, more advanced
methods so they hold together even when shattered. And, the board
wants windows and exits that are easier for passengers to open."

new build stuff....

you don't want the states to come up with 50 different standards do